Semi-Active RFID System

Detects Movement of People and Objects

POWERTAG enables hands-free office entry/exit control systems and movement tracking systems.


Hands-free office entry/exit control systems and movement tracking systems.


E-mail notification systems for children commuting to and from school.


#1 Alarm systems designed to prevent infant snatching.

#2 Notification systems that tracks dementia patients with wandering tendencies.


Alert systems about approaching workers.


An entry control system that lets in insiders and issues an alarm in case of unauthorized access.


Top Share of Japanese Market for Bicycle Race Automatic Timing System

Uses of Matrix RFID Systems

Japan Cup, Tour of Japan, Tour de Hokkaido, Tour de Taiwan, Osaka Women’s Marathon, Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship, Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, Ohme 30 & 10 km Road Race, Osaka Half Marathon, Inter-Prefectural Women’s Ekiden, Inter-Prefectural Men’s Ekiden, National High School Ekiden Championships, All-Japan Corporate Women’s Ekiden, All-Japan Corporate Ekiden (New Year Ekiden), others

Take Note!


We developed POWERTAG, an automatic timing system for bicycle races, in 1999. We now have the top market share in Japan for automatic timing system for sports events like bicycle races and marathons. We have expanded applications for the technology, and today it is used, for example, to control personnel entering and leaving offices, track children going to and leaving school and e-mail this information to parents, and monitor personnel as part of food defense strategies.

Development of Trigger ID System

We have developed a proprietary trigger ID system that advanced on technologies for automatic timing system. By giving the trigger an area ID, the system can accurately detect exactly where the tag picked up the trigger signal. The trigger ID system has a wide range of applications, such as in detecting personnel entering and leaving offices, and tracking goods in logistics businesses.

Innovative and Unique Technologies

The trigger ID system of monitoring personnel movement has been patented.
Japanese Patent No. 4763982 (Motion tracking system, receiving device, and motion tracking method)

Future Business Development

Our technologies that can be applied to applications. We will also continue to suggest new and convenient ways our products can be used.

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