Uses of Matrix RFID Systems

Social scene

POWERTAG has a wide application scenes - for example, in hands-free management of personnel entering and leaving offices, or in tracking goods in logistics businesses.

  • Around 500 schools have equiped Matrix RFID systems in e-mail notification systems for children commuting to and from school.
  • About 30 other hospitals use the technology in alarm systems designed to prevent infant abduction.
  • At around 40 companies, Matrix RFID systems have been used into hands-free office entry/exit control systems and movement tracking systems.
  • Notification system that tracks dementia patients with wandering tendencies.
  • Alerts about approaching workers.
  • Keeping track of visitors at events.


Race scene

These systems are used in about 600 race events a year.

  • Japan Cup
  • Tour of Japan
  • Tour de Hokkaido
  • Tour de Taiwan
  • Osaka Women's Marathon
  • Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship
  • Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon
  • Ohme 30 & 10 km Road Race
  • Osaka Half Marathon
  • Inter-Prefectural Women's Ekiden
  • National High School Ekiden Championships
  • All-Japan Corporate Women's Ekiden
  • All-Japan Corporate Ekiden (New Year Ekiden)


Matrix-hosted events

IC tags and tag readers for races produced by Matrix are used in racing events that it hosts, which total 20 or so per year. Large events attract over 10,000 participants, and all the race results are automatically clocked by the system.

Matrix hosts racing events all over Japan, which also contributes to revitalizing local communities.

  • Suzuka 8-hour Enduro (twice a year)
  • 7-hour Enduro in Okayama, Prefecture of Fair Weather
  • Challenge League (more than 10 events per year)


More smiles on the faces of people who love bicycles! Making the joys and coolness of bicycling more accessible!

Established in 2006, Team Matrix is a professional cycling team sponsored by Matrix. The team engages in a wide variety of activities such as actively participating in road races and track competitions overseas as well as in Japan. In cycling events and the like hosted by Matrix, as host the team participates in securing safety, event operations, and support activities.

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